Poem Poetry: One in a Million

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Poem Poetry: One in a Million

If you were one in a million

I would count my lucky stars

One by microscopic one

I would call „thank you!“

Into the blue of heaven

You are more than a million though

You are You

A being which synchronicity connects with me

Im one in a million too

One in a lifetime

One in this universe

One of the oneness

Made of the same invisible energy which create infinity

Made of the strong magnetic fields which hold

eternity in check

We meet

As the Alpha embraces the Omega

The Yin entwines the Yang

The Macro-cosmic enfolds the Microcosmic

Laughter is in this embrace

Me turning to see your face

A hologram held in dark space

This is one on one.

The millions in a million too

Just me

Just you

Just who.

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