Inspirational Poetry: The Mind

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Inspirational Poetry: My Mind

By Liam

My mind runs my show

Although it’s not me

My mind identifies the pictures, memories of the past

I gasp

Although my memory is not me

My mind, in thought is master at this game

Although it’s not the same as my true me

You see

In the miracle moment of now

When I let go in meditation

When peace presides between past and future

My mind has no active control, no go, no part

I’m in peace

Released from thoughts

Apart from memories

Just this art

My mind is puzzled by the idiosyncrasy

It can’t find me

Touch me

Hold me

Mold me


In space

In peace

In release

I’m the invisible

Spirit moving to create

Not my mind rattling the gate

Which guides this person with this personality

Each day through this personal reality

Wait wait wait

Never is it to late

To release, let go and sigh

Peaceful moment morning here am …

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