Home Coming

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Poetry: Home Coming

by Liam

All across my life I have been everything, other than a home

Lonely places I’d grown accustomed, to share my nightly dreams

Waking each morning to the cry and call of life

Insecurity knocked firmly on the door of adolescence

Oh! this visitor wrecked the house as we drunken fell unconscious to the floor

Lost to some new delight, a dark thought, shame, malice and far more

I met each, at the door laughing in ignorance

A moment later, emotional immaturity threw open the windows,

My sobbing eyes echoed across the fields of learning I still needed to reap

To keep going, to continue living that bread I baked and ate

Strength, inspiration, insights and you, Love

Moved in, sweeping clean the chaos, placing fresh flowers upon my breast

Each a truth, a blossom, each a blessing of recognition

Perfume, now fills this cottage of my mind

Creates a home we work for, we can create and find.

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