Experience the Insight

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Poem: Experience the Insight

by Liam

Aware, within this moment, I wake not in serenity,

But in thoughts caught up with yesterday’s intricacy.

A breeze lifts my sight,

Quietly admitting in the light.

Mentally a flowers bud unfolds

Revealing the subtle frailty.

The intimacy of understanding the invisible

Insight into tomorrow’s untold tale.

The sagacity of this interconnected glory

Tweaking my puzzledness, I cry out in surprise,

Smiling unpremeditatedly, I’m drawn deeper,

Made freer, more universal in this uniqueness.

It’s the steady mindful focus

Me pushing forward into my depths.

Snooping around in my subconscious menagerie

Collecting crumbs, fragments minuscule titbits and insights

It’s then in the letting go we move

Flowing forward, slipping into the groove

Perceptivity answers, echoes with a shiny reflection

Like sweetly eating a plump berry

It’s rush of taste, making me cringe

Before I realize it’s not quite ripe

Indeed insight, is only sweet when ready

Let me see it all, if only I remain steady.

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