Poetry Poem: The Pirate

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Poetry Poem: The Pirate

A ship it came a sailing across far and distant sea

Aboard she carried treasure,

On board she carried me

The masts of pine the hull was oak

From our guns flashed clouds of smoke

The heat of flame, the roar and blast

Those balls of iron ripped back the mast

Tore the rigging from the following brig

Proud she flew the Royal Marine

The captain a servant to his distant Queen.

Pirates we were to a noble cause

Flown the lash

For the free lived life

We fought the law

We fought the strife

We fought for gold

With blade and knife

To live the way of inequity

Of the winds free pull

On sail and tack

White spume flung from bow to deck

Treasure we sought

Doubloons of gold

Those Spanish ships

carried deep in the Hold

We had had the fight in the Caribbean Sea

Musket shot taken away my knee

The wooden thump of my right leg stump

Across the forecastle

The hard wooden bump

To my blinded eye and that black blue beard

My whip it was those seamen feared

My men were hard as a weeviled cracker

Broken knuckle they fought for life

Killed and maimed they drank and drowned

Freedom, is not what we found.

Still to the trick of the passage done

My memories curl with the pipe smoke air

Thump now drums the cottage stair

As I slurp hot tea before the bed

Wearily done now lay my head.

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