POEM: Shitluck Dude

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Poem: Shitluck Dude

He kicked the dirt with the boot heel high,

Jacket dusty, jeans ripped at the thigh.

Tongue cracked & dry, by nicotine & Jack D.

A night at the table with cards & Mc Fee.

Ace of Spades, Queen of Harts ,

Colours , numbers , royalty , cards.

The poker made broker the longer night

Mc Fee had the hand , in the other a knife.

Dude , hit the shit at a quarter to four,

The cards were down , the money no more.

Jack D was dry,

Lucky`s gone in smoke.

He spat on the floor,

No one laughed at the joke.

A fist cracked his jaw,

The blade sliced into his thigh.

He butted Mc Fee, blood burst at the eye.

Kicked in his groin , the poor bastard screamed.

Game now over Lucky he seemed.

Then he grabbed the bucks,

Glass crashed to the floor.

Notes flew through the room,

Stumbled, while running out into the gloom .

The tales not over, the story not done.

Shitluck dude had had his fun,

Then turning round with a bloodshot eye ,

The barrels blasted and Shitluck cried !!!!

Spun to the floor, shoulder spurting red blood.

Pain was crazy as he chewed the mud.

Then twisting his head

A glint still in his eye,

He cracked a smile,

Before he died.


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