Poem: Our Thoughts

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Poem: Our Thoughts

Of all the people in all the world, many there might be too

It’s me with my thoughts

quite alone in the cold

Here in the gloomy dew

Now when I wonder and ask just how

Am I that, which goes round in my head ?

“The thoughts we think, the things we do, where they come from and whom is who?”

How can this be, this thing about thought

They’re not really mine although they ought

To have come from someplace inside my brain

Call it my mind, is that the same?

Ideas and thoughts, pictures as well, find a place in my head to dwell

While I share

While I talk

You also see pictures and my thoughts

Of what it is, we’re doing ?

Of where it is, we going ?

Of why it is, we’re here ?

Of what it is, we’re thinking?

Is this serendipitous?

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