The Partner

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Poem: The Partner

by Liam

Twixt the gold of autumn,

The silver grey which slowly spreads,

As years go by, across my head,

It’s you who, in words, in thoughts, in manifold deeds unsaid,

Have filled my life & more.

Have touched the deep strong core.

The meaning of me, of my being more.

That treasure rich now fills this chest,

Wherein contained my beating heart doth lie.

The wet tear strokes with gentle streak.

My memory warm, pressed soft against your cheek.

Now shines and takes us spinning across the floor.

We’ve shared the stage called life.

We’ve shared applause & moments lonely lost in strife.

And through it all, from waking kiss till late now in the fall,

Of day, of season, of this magic moment captured call.

We together sang the song called life,

My friend, whose hands mine warmed,

Departed swift this morn into the light.

Left life, yet I’ll hold on with might,

In my still beating heart, the love,

To carry you, across your long and distant night.

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