The Heart of the Sun

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Poetry: The Heart of the Sun

by Liam

In the heart of the sun, is my celestial fire,

I dance with eternity this starlight inspires,

It’s in creation’s debris, we worldwide reside,

A symphony of wonders, you cosmically hide.

Tomorrow emerges within its glow,

Consciousness aflame, in a vibrant flow.

Connecting realms, bridging time and place,

Love’s heart beats alive, transcending space.

Tick tock, tick tock, the clock we defy,

Let time flow, mindfulness draws me nigh.

Beyond the boundaries of what I know,

To the planets these oceanic currents flow.

Infinity and starlight guide our way,

In their cosmic embrace, we will forever stay.

So let us bask in the sun’s gentle caress,

In its warmth, finding solace, we can heal the chaos.

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