Sonnet: “Echoes of Solitude”

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by Liam

In shadows deep, where love’s allure is to shun,

A soul on roads of sorrow finds its way.

Here solace sought, in love’s sweet light, to sway,

Through realms where pain, in constant steps is run.

The hearts, a stoic traveler on this path,

Rejects the luring call of peace to passion’s grace.

A somber journey through a desolate space,

In solitude, it bears with heavy wrath.

Yet, midst the shadows, glimmers hope’s sharp light,

For even in the pain, a lessons learned.

A soul unbound, its fate and future earned.

The walk alone, a choice through silent night,

So, on this road where love’s allure may wane,

A heart finds strength, enduring still the pain.

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