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Poetry: Smile

by Liam

In our living, called existence, where moments unfold,

Lies a treasure, more precious than gold.

It’s found in my smile, warm and sincere,

Love is expressing, what makes life dear.

Within this simple gesture, a miracle true,

Tumultuous joy, makes life like new.

This power, the light, creates the strength to ignite,

From darkness , Gods given day shines bright.

We carry burdens, also the worries we hold,

Smile it’s simple , they will all gently unfold.

A moment of connectivity, a bridge to the heart,

A smile reminds us of the love we part.

With each smile given, a ripple does ensue,

A wave of kindness, spreads love anew.

From soul to soul, its impact resounds,

Infusing each breath with harmonious sound.

Oh, the beauty of a smile, so pure and serene,

A testament to life, where love is seen.

It awakens our spirits, igniting the flame,

That burns deep within, our passions to claim.

So let us remember, as each passing day leaves,

Be a sunbeam scatter joy like light through the trees

For in this humble act, a miracle does transpire,

Making life worth living, setting our souls on fire.

It was only a smile, freely given to all,

But its radiance transformed, answering the call.

To uplift, to inspire, to brighten the strife,

Embracing the essence, the gift we call life.

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