Poetry Poem: Leaving

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Poem: The Leaving.

Leaving, we kiss and say goodbye

Our cheeks they touch

The sparkle in your eye I love so much


Gone again

Gone the days of simple fun

The moments of laughter, talking, one on one

Now your perfumed scent

The warmth meant meaning of this love

The love we know is right & strong

Or is it right & still is wrong?


Gone again

Gone alone we ask and find a lonely answer in the pain

Why, a question?

My cheeks now dry

To wait, until again we touch and laugh and sigh

Wonder in our thoughts

The memories of a ribbon in your hair

How I stumbled on the stair


Gone again

Gone as if in air, I ask again is this really fair?

The glance thrown across your shoulder, blade

The stance, hips twisted tight upon steel stilettos

The attitude, flux exhaling in warm summer air

Leaving, we kiss and say goodbye

Our cheeks they touch,The sparkle you leave in me

I love so much.

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