Poem: The Lonely Ones

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As life’s pages turn by day,
We meet a moment & inward churn to take the step,
To make the mark , to feel deep down the right .
The right to answer what we feel ,
The real, the real, the real,
reality of the now.

We might not know just how ,
But these steps will carry forth to future true.

Right is right my feelings flight will lead the way.
The way which only we can know,
The way which deep so slowly grows.

Can now the known be wrong?
Can now the feelings grown so strong?
Can now in immediate right be wrong?

The way , Life’s way is only known to those who stepping touch the stones ,
which lie before our feet, not defeat.
each step one closer to the ultimate moment of release!

Why wait we then,
Why somnambulate?
Why procrastinate?
Why postulate?

When all speaks clear felt feelings good,
When thoughts support the right has stood!
What deeds strong arm long time have shown!

Can we yet deny , what life speaks clear to you & I?

Can a no be heard at all ?
Can ignore forget the call?

If this should be, what faith remains but…. Downward steps to insanity.
What hope remains in life when you ignore what given joy …

WE have found

Turn the point you walk towards ,
Move the goal you so ignored
Reach inside where long you have hard tried to hide
Say yes Yes & yes again ,
Leave behind the lonely pain,
Gathed close our arms tight grasp,
We will succeed To fill this task .
We will yet meet as  man & wife
We will yet leave the lonely life
We will perceive this is the right

For some , the lucky ones,
Are born to be a pair
Live life to share to share to share.

Alone we float as clouds on high
But we want more, let loves call reach up & rent the sky!

Hamburg Easter 2013

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