Poem: My days grown old

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Poem: My days grown old .

My days grown older,

Years, tales, life unfolds .

The mold of me,

The laugh the worry the joy the pain the plain, day free.

Yes it’s me!

Etched deep, in my visage the years.

Yet I am still the same, no fears.

The same old me,

rich lines my profile shows.

My eyes,

Own smiles now.

Fine lines laugh each every way.

Each play a role, in the day by day.


We owned the bud of youth,

Soft cherub cheeks

Filled our angels mask,

Now past, yet still.

She is beside me,

Unseen, unheard her wings are always near.

A feather brushed away the tear

A smile shared in my own eye

A knowing helping hand

Stands to strengthen all

Should we fall, Should we stall,

Should we need the help & call.

Gentle now I smile I cry,

With life & time gone by,

Let that angel,

Through me ….

With me,

In me,



Basthorst Dez 2013

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