A symphony of creatures, great and small, within my sight. I became the sea, and each molecule burst forth from me in glory, With waves that crashed and swelled with boundless might, And in my depths, a world of life did flourish, Then, with your touch, my heart and soul were fed. I became the…

Oh Heart!

Oh, Heart,You recognize these patrons, guestsEvery oneBy day and every minuteYou are welcome to my homeThoughts, like people,Enter this house, my heartOpenly, we rejoice with each unique individualFor their virtue lies in loveThe love each one holds is a thought. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhatsappEmailPrint

Looking for Love

Where do I go when looking for Love?Or simply follow an attraction?The bond, that magnetic pull, is irreversibleYet not one word is writtenNor a syllable spokenSo sensitize, touch the strings which tugYou silently, quietly, inevitablyTowards the destination of the heartReason always plays a fickle fiddleFree yourself from thoughtBe expansive with your sensitivitiesFor they contain the…


Yet we were mesmerized,at first by its formBe not blinded by the smoke or bodyThese are also, only like words, smokeFeel your flameFind Love. These words are smoke,which rises from the soulThe heat, the energy, lies unseen in the thingWe take it, we turn it, we burn itNow we feel it, the energy. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhatsappEmailPrint

Your Story

Look at the silver face of the moonFrom this mirror shines an imageYou, which recognize selfThis power creates the microcosmsThis majesty recognizes the microcosmsGo into it for the recognitionShows my heart the way home to God’s self. Your chapter is found in the divine story of lifeWritten in starlight,Across the face of the cosmosWhen read…