Manifesto, New Millennium Poetry

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Poetic Manifesto:

As a creative writer, a poet and author, I feel my readers require a clear understanding and insight into my intentions, motives.

New Millennium Poetry, Volumes 1-3 is a Magnus Opus of writing which springs from the idea that with this new millennium, across a broad spectrum of the worlds’ population, an awakening of consciousness is occurring.

A paradigm change from egocentric materialism to a modern paradigm of soul awareness.

Expressing itself in social awareness, responsibility and an awakening to the spiritual , invisible reality of all aspects, of all life on earth.

This invisible world has been for thousands of years the genres of religion. Different religions, different cultures, different representations of one common invisible spiritual reality.

“New Millennium Poetry “, is a collection of poems covering aspects of our human condition. Written irrespective of color, race or creed.

The common ground being that most poems explore in simple expressive ways, questions which are common to us all, seeking answers, common to us all.

Poetry is an interesting way to respond to soliloquies concerning one’s personal quest to understand life.

The truth is, a poem will only awake within the thinking of its reader if the content, however unconscious, is already present. When a poem resonates with its reader, the reader’s intuitive response, expresses what is ready to become conscious.

To greater and lesser degrees, an audience of readers will intuitively respond to the content of these poems in their search and need to resolve meaning.


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