BLOG 8: Last Bit

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As our journey disappeared into the dark tunnel of the second night, I lay out stretched on my hard upper bunk. Unconsciously fiddling with the protective wire mesh which surrounded the ventilator fan.

Unexpectedly, there was a loud clunk, my middle finger had slipped through the mesh and been hammered at 120 RPM by the blade .

Dear reader the immediate and excruciating pain caused a burst of sweaty pearls to appear on my forehead.

I gasped deeply and intuitively breathed in the pain, not running from it, not trying to escape it , just the opposite.

I focused into the objectively insane reality of trying to increase this pain.

No, I was not on drugs of any type or description, my mind simply leapt at this extraordinarily unusual way of dealing with a bad situation.

My heart thumped heavily, my breath heaved in unison with those heavy locomotives and inexplicably I could control myself .

The results were amazing,

The pain rapidly subsided , the swelling which should have transpired didn’t and my nail remained intact. True in detail and it’s never happened again.

Magic happens in India when least expected.

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