Aragum Bay to Cochin

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Fishiing boats

Now for those readers who have not surfed, it is a mindset. Created through the freedom of movement, the strength your body develops, the wildness of the ocean, and an appreciation of the awesomeness of nature. So were those carefree days in Aragum Bay, wild, free, exciting, healthy and full of adventure.
The Elephant´s reserve, boarded directly on the bay so those great and gentle creatures were regular visitors to our antics on the waves. Food came simple, fishy and fresh with wild gesticulations, frantic nodding’s of the head and “more Money” as one of the few identifiable English phrases the fishermen could master. Their boats, pieces of excellent hand craft, carved wooden sailing vessels which had mastered the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean for centuries. Returning with their inverted triangular sails chewing on the trade wind, the outrigger ploughing a deep fertile furrow behind the boat, they would sail right up onto the white beach. The families and dealers dark skinned and brightly turbaned excited to participate in the treasured catch.
One quiet star spangled night great excitement was suddenly heard down at the beach, where a tide of luminescent plankton had washed in. Life in such moments brushes the shores with pure magic, as I waded, then splashed myself in liquid silvery light. The days and nights washed away into weeks and on into months, until the pure pressure of excitement could no longer hold me in the waves.
A pot puree of interesting travelers had drifted into Aragum on the monthly tide , their adventures, anecdotes and stories remaining as flotsam and jetsam in my memory. Reiner, the German friend I’d met on my first day, was long gone into the Himalaya, but we had made a date to meet up in Katmandu eight months later and so with my board under my arm I took a short flight to the Indian mainland, landing in Cochin, Kerala State.

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