The ways of winning?

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Why winning……..

Do we have to win?

Do we have to get to the finishing line first?…

NO, ……what I would like to get into  are the ideas which inhabit our heads and manipulate us on a subconscious level.

The psychology of the mind is a vast and stormy ocean, yet a journey out into those waters need not be dangerous or even frightening , it could even be looked upon as an adventure.  So, if you bring a little curiosity to the table, I would love to set my sails and take you on a quick spin into some interesting territories.

We win, if we achieve what it is that we are aiming for or heading towards, the way we experience this can be quite different and its these different aspects of personally experienced achievement we will get into.

The first category of person defines their happiness and primary goal in the general feeling of being comfortable. Yes the comfort zone is well established, the routines are polished the rut is deep and familiar. They are content with how things are, don’t rock the boat, my status quote is achieved and anything else is regarded with amused scepticism or interested disrespect  for change is not part of the greater plan. Call them phlegmatic if you like as they make up a large portion of the population pie.

The second category of individuals primary sence of achievement lies on the necessity of being liked. Yes, liked  accepted and recognised by colleagues, family and friends. They will almost do anything to be liked,even if it means  compromising themselves. In a leadership role this person would hit bumpy ground fast, as leaders need to make decisions which also displease.

The third category belongs to those who always need to be right. This unthankful role is oft found in professionals like lawyers, doctors, academics and others, who in the one on one often talk endlessly and find no end. They define their win, by always being right and always knowing better. We have  met these folk who are at first  interesting but inevitably become boring.

The fourth category belongs to the winners. Those who actually do come first in the race, first in the class, first in the competition. They are motivated and inspired by the burning desire to challenge themselves. They win by mentally engaging themselves as their own opponents, and striving to redefine their own boundaries. The successful entrepreneur, athlete, student finds the fulfilment in being first. Winning is the reward, as it enables a dynamic self-evaluation. Discomfort is part of the equation, it is the challenge  which motivates and defines the feeling of the win.

The fifth category are those who win by losing. Ummm, ya by losing, or by seeing themselves in the role of the victim who needs to be comforted , supported and cared for.  This is a hard way to win, yet the psyche puts us in this unthankful role to enable others to give us attention and love.

To win equals comfort.

To win equals being liked

To win equals being right.

To win equals winning.

To win equals losing.

Having shared this small journey into the vast and at times stormy sea of the mind you can now evaluate how necessary it becomes to take your own personal development extremely seriously when embarking on the task of being successful with your own home business.

To win you will need to share value, to share value you can share your own experience of growth. I have lived in the mind-set of winning by being liked and also by losing for a large part of my life, can you recognise yourself in one or more of these aspects?

The journey I’m now on is a new exciting one and it is wonderful to be able to share this.

Looking forward to your comments and observations as well.

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