The warm Market

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The business of recommending is as old as man himself, nowadays a recommendation as a marketing form has come of age and poses to become a leading form of generating sales in the future.
“On line internet sales and sales through recommendation, are becoming the only future cost-effective ,,,,” Bill Gates.

This type of sales can be grouped under several different headings, MLM (Multi Level Marketing) , attraction marketing, Marketing by recommendation, network marketing.

The bottom line being always that we share some thing of value with someone else, so they might also profit from it.

This is personal, one on one and your reputation is on the line. Initially when starting off in the business you have found a great product which you have tried or are using with convincing results and you share your experience with your direct warm network of family and friends.

This warm network can be a great help when starting but soon the warm list has all been contacted and now what?

This is normally where the real work begins and the difficulties start.

This process of sharing in a limited community is what nowadays in MLM we call our warm market. We know our community, they know us and we spontaneously share good news about the procuct we personally use , profit from and enjoy.

The good news in this case might be a book, a film, a TV program or something we have read in the paper or a product which we have come into contact and use successfully.
For network marketers, this is our starting capital the list of known entities in our network of family and friends.
Be cautious though, a warm market needs be understood so not as to create any disharmony.

An anecdote;
“Avery close friend started taking the health products which I had recommended from my primary business, he also received from the company the same product for free for one of his children.
His daughter Fiona, 17 quite prone to colds and  a high illness related absentee rate at school started taking the product. Tom with all the best intentions for his daughter thought all was well.
Then came the crash!
By chance Fiona over heard a conversation where Tom mentioned that the free products were part of an international study and a form needed to be submitted 3 times a year concerning the state of health of the child. Fiona considered that she was being abused as a  guinea-pig and stopped taking the product, to the detriment of her own health and the detriment of the relationship with her dad.”


Multi Level Marketers, market not only their PRIMARY products but also their Business Opportunities related with the product. The products are diversified and normally of exceptional quality and effect,  not being available on the open market. The products are recommended, ordered and delivered and you the  recommender  receives a percentage of the sale or a commission.
When you as a network marketer start to create a team, you will only find new team members if you can position yourself as a leader sharing great value. Your teams growth is attributed to skills which you share with them.

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