On Writing Poetry

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On Writing Poetry.

Writing poetry is like chewing bubble gum. You rip the packaging off an idea and it’s initially all sweet and tough.
Then I chew into it, my thoughts warm up making the core idea soften. I move & mould it constantly around in my mind. Like the squeeze and squish of gum in your mouth, it oozes flavor inspiring more action.

Words are pretty plastic if you chew on them long enough too.

Now it’s not so much a thinking thing, it’s more mastication. Trying out the different flavors words make with one another.
Like alliteration, onomatopoeia, some times even disambiguation finds its authenticity in a poem. Meditation in the mouth of my mind enabling an idea to be rewrapped in the colorful packaging of words.

A moment of inspiration as I focus on blowing the bubble.
The pointe like a pink bubble inflates on my mental lips .
Intension, Momentum , inclusion, exhalation, expansion and finally expulsion….yes!


A happy smile it’s been done again.
A poem plastered across my page, splats of ink sometimes smeared and illegible but it’s done, the bubble blown and I can get back to doing my life.


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