Focus on the Focus; the Art of achieving your Goals

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Focus on the Focus
the Art of achieving your Goals

Would I be wrong to say that most of us Network Marketers MLM Marketers who earn a living online all experience a similar sense of overload when we check out our mail box or open our Face Book account?
This sheer flood of interesting information; Alerts; Messages, Offers and Applications, can leave us spinning.
What to go for?, What to respond to?, How to prioritize?, What to dump?, Which new exciting offer to get involved with?
Well there is a solution, has 4 letters and begins with P……
Got it?
We simply have to Plan. We simply use this plan as means to focus, then we get really serious and we focus on the focus!
SO what is the plan?
It will begin with you writing down your GOALS. Not difficult when you break your Goals down into different Areas.
Step 1. Your Business Goals ( for the Year, the Quarter, the Month, the Day)
Step2.Your Personal Goals ( for the Year, the Quarter, the Month, the Day)
Step3. Your Family Goals ( for the Year, the Quarter, the Month, the Day)
Step 4. Etc…
So now what?
These Goals need an ACTION PLAN to make them happen!
SO what is the Action Plan?

The Action Plan, is the list of activities which you line up to achieve the Goals which you have set. Resulting in Achieved Work and Effective Time Management, day by day.
You know exactly where you are going with your business and the information overload which comes pouring in day by day, hour by hour is no longer a distraction, but now you scan the content sifting out the pertinent information required to achieve the set Goal.
A Few Ideas:
How many hours a week will I be working?
How much do ya want to earn per month?
How big is my marketing budget?
How big should your team be?
How many prospects do you want to take to the next conference?
How big should your customer base be?
What residual income do you want to achieve in the long run?

These are a few questions which you, as a home based Marketer NEED to know, and have to have the answers to.
The only way to get those answers is to create a specific, Detailed & Focused plan.
Quote, “When you deal with your business like a hobby, you will be remunerated like a hobby, it will cost you money!”
You are in this game to make money; it’s a job and the better Focused you are the MORE money you will earn. Be the focused Professional that you ARE!
When we focus, and carry out the ACTION plan then not only do we achieve the goals but unexpectedly along the way we are confronted with synchronicity, the unexpected little things which begin to fit the greater puzzle, bringing us closer and closer to the BIG goal.
This is what I mean “FOCUS on the FOCUS!”
Should ya get off track, hey, just get back on again, things change, we just readjust the plan, the goals, but we are Focused, Aware, Awake, Alive and heading for a known Destination.
It is a great exciting intense game, these are some of the ground rules to train into your habits and those of your team.
More are coming.

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