Poetry: Home Coming

Poetry: Home Coming by Liam In song we hear the soul Filling with melody Flooding into the words This soul you pour into me Resonates, is blended With fragrance, my senses become intoxicated Fain gather I all this Now open the curtains For we have made it home. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhatsappEmailPrint

Poetry: My Body

Poetry: My Body by Liam Unexpectedly, whilst on a quiet walk I whispered to my body. Which eagerly listened Familiar with this voice Yet foreign to its content. “Would you be my friend, my partner, my grail?” Surprised enthralled, we breathed the fresh clean air I replied, “ My beloved , I’ve been waiting for…

Poetry: Rain

Poetry: Rain by Liam With the rain refreshing me Refreshing you my friend We, yes like flowers in a field Awaken even brighter to the light Warmth glowing upon our beauty and joy Together each unique Together a sea of stars Shine in the ever Present moment of perception. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhatsappEmailPrint