Poetry: Dance

Poetry: Dance by Liam I had failed to understand You too had searched beyond All known All learned All limits Throwing that to the wind We simply danced Each drowning in the exquisite moment of the glorious Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhatsappEmailPrint

Poetry: Toast

Poetry: Toastby Liam Like the berry before it’s fermentationYour heartache, first needs create the wine.In the ache lies it’s magicThe miracle of transformationSee, also the clear streamRushing bubblingGleefully leaping the cliffSpray lifted by the breezeCombed by the lightReminds me thenIt’s to those rainbow colorsRadiant to redWe raise our glassesToasting love Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhatsappEmailPrint

Poetry: Recognition

Poetry: Recognition by Liam Do you know who you are? One day insanity One day depresivity Then you turn to me laughing at the sunset For its that which is beyond you Outside of us which calls out Hey! Listen for but a moment Be quiet for but a second Receive the recognition that We…

Poetry: Soar

Poetry: Soar by Liam Before Love became my shining light My sight was dimmer than the shadowed haze of dusk Then my gaze dissolving bit by bit Those clouds of doubt Creating thoughts so clear, so true, so blue Sky is all we need For as we fly Love will stretch its feathers across the…

Poetry: Burn

Scan QR Code for audio recital ! by Liam Love deep, let Love burn away the dusty shelf Upon which your shining self Has waited, not losing light Yet growing insight throughout ones life As to where and how and why Life’s riches truely lie Essentially, We carry in us purest light This essence, covered…