Poem: Embrace

Poem: Embrace by Liam Let me be embraced by God But for a instant in time All that’s been would cease, yet shine For within this abundance, Where present becomes all So to would my awareness call Me, in a moment of eternity to be At peace within the infinity of flow In flow with…

Poetry: Truth

by Liam A healthy heart is an emotion of understanding Words may come Words may go Thoughts will be forgotten to Emotions however, unlocked through the heart Powerful but silent Quiet but uniquely vocal unequivocally understandable You simply know Right from wrong. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhatsappEmailPrint

Poetry: Resonation

Poetry: Resonation by Liam There is a quiet voice Which when I listen I hear not sound I hear not voices or music To be heard is only the deep beyond Whispering For then I have become, That for which we listened We are in the ringing Flowing with its Resonation From whence we came…

Love Poetry: Words

Poetry: Words by Liam Why explain my words Each comes from the invisible You know this too Just touch love For your words need no explanation either They come from the same place Carrying that which I will recognize When love matches Intention. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhatsappEmailPrint