About Creativity

About Creativity As the threads of your creativity weave together they form a slingshot. To catapult inspiration, intuition, insight & understanding into the transformative world of your life. Never under estimate your creativity. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhatsappEmailPrint

POEM: The Gate

Poem: The Gate My home, beyond today waits patiently. Heaven, is that place held in my eternity. Though I seek, question where I go each night. I need not to look beyond the flight of that intrepid flaming star . Oceanic is that shoreless sea. Truth is, I’m that drop, found in this me. Beguiled…

Poem: Excitement

Poem: Excitement I’ve felt excitement. Yes, that smirk, that chuckle of glee. Bubbling up inside the true, the authentic me. It’s not that often or that now. Yet some how when you smile, I laugh. I’m free, you liberate the joy the intensity. Sparks, flashes of humor. I reflect a glance in your iniquity. Happy.…


Mindset belongs to the unconscious operating system of one’s life. Thereby it influences fundamentally the way individuals perceive life. This could be either positive or negative. Is the glass half full or half empty. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhatsappEmailPrint